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Zineb has been shaped by the diversity of her experiences. She studied Agronomy in Rabat and Paris, worked as a researcher in plant genetics and then leaped into communications and event planning. Her work took her from her hometown of Rabat to the World Bank in Washington, D.C., sparking a curiosity for travel and photography.


Following her experience in the U.S., Zineb embarked on a nine-month journey backpacking across Latin America. It was on this trip that she forged a close relationship with her camera, leading her to a more creative perspective on the world around her. Many of the resulting photographs served as a means of financing her trip.


When Zineb returned home, she started working as the head of communications for a Pan-African organization. This continued to fuel her passions, triggering her interest in documentary photography. As a result, she left that position and enrolled at the New York Film Academy to dedicate more time to her art. She instantly fell in love with the city, so much so that she now calls it home.  

When not managing events, Zineb can be found walking the streets with her camera. 


Zineb speaks Arabic, French, English, Portuguese and Spanish.

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