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I met Deuce in midtown Manhattan in May, 2014. We spent an afternoon together where he shared some of his life's events and stories with me. In this photo, we are finishing lunch. He is holding my Moroccan ID, quite amused by my last name. He kept repeating it for some time. Who can blame him?

I met him a couple of times since then and it always strikes me that he remembers every detail of our first encounter. His stories remain unchanged and his reality intact. Here are some photos documenting the time we spent together, sharing bits of his life, his words, his truth. 

Flash Me!

It's Saturday night, I'm on the lively Christopher Street in the West Village, New York City. What could make a night like this more interesting? Well, how about taping a flash to some scaffolding and shooting those who pass me by... without their knowing! Or, in other words, experimenting with Philip de Lorca's style for part of the night. 


Some of the reactions I got were intriguing. One that struck me came from a young man quite puzzled after the flash went off. Startled, his hands flew into the air across his face and he said, "Oh, where did that come from? Did I just get a ticket??!!"

Street Art

Wander the streets!

Look for it!

Frame it!

Wait, and wait...

Capture it!

There it is,

Interaction (or void)

Between those walking by

And graffiti on the streets.

Williamsburg, Brooklyn


In celebration of 2014 International women's day, I was invited to contribute a selection of my photographs to a group exhibition in San Benedetto del Tronto, Italy. It was a great experience to show and share my work and meet other women artists from all over the world. It was a very enriching experience that wouldn’t have been possible without Artes & Co. 

12 Homens e uma Sentença

Or, my "12 Angry men"! When visiting Sao Paulo back in 2010, I had the chance to photograph 12 talented and fun Brazilian actors. They have adapted, for the 1st time in Brazil, Reginald Rose's movie to the theater. It was a successful performance that started in Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil and went on for years. My photographs were published in local magazines and served as propaganda for the play.  

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